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Q. my lift makes a lot of noise?

A. needs grease at all zirk fittings at least twice a year.

Q. my cables are backlashing?

A.couple of possible reasons:

cradle is hitting bottom and taking weight off cables

sheave or pully on cradle is not turning smoothly

boat weight is not evenly distributed on cradle

Q. What's the best way to maintain my cables.

A.Using a rag and either WD40 or PB Blaster to wipe down cables.

Be careful of cable burrs, this also means it might be time for new cables.

Q. How often should the cables be changed out?

A. Most boat lift manufacturers recommend every five years.

Q. What is the best way to keep my lift in top running order?

A. Set up a maintenance plan with us to come out every six months, inspect and grease lift. checking cables, bolts, belts and most importantly the motors are free from pest invasion, giving them a chance for long service life.

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